From the 70’s

Danato Esposito, tourism pioneer in the Amalfi Coast, opened in the 70’s “Lo Scrigno” (The Chest), a boutique rich of unique object as a result of extensive travelling and his love for beauty and his sensitivity to what’s original, exclusive and emotional.

Today, with the same driving passion his sons open “Lo Scrigno” (The Chest) with the goal of transmitting to the customers the same emotions.




Ricciocaprese was born from a Neapolitan historic company – Majello 1867 – known for the famous Capodimonte porcelain. The great-granfather Alfonso Majello, despite coming from a family of notaries, falls in love with an artist’s daughter at that time and, at the same time, he develops a passion for the art of Capodimonte.

The passion is transmitted from the father to son, and before to the sculptor Lucio Majello and today to his son Fabio Majello.

The entrepreneur Fabio, with his wife Imma, design of the new brand, during their summer vacation on Capri island, abandon themselves to the wonders of this place and realize Ricciocaprese, a charming ceramic object that immediately becomes the island icon.

But Capri has thousand of colours, thousand of scents, thousand of fragrances… Ricciocaprese Fragrance was born: air fresheners, luxurious boxes with exclusive bath perls, salts or soap petals.

Naples, Capri and its beauties continue to inspire Ricciocaprese collection increasingly marked by elegance, good taste and exclusivity, all Italian qualities, of witch this family has been and will been and always be a spokesman in the world.